MaxImpact Solutions

Sustained Growth Starts Here.

Taking a deliberate approach to business strategy.

  Whether your business requires a revenue boost or a complete overhaul, you need lasting solutions, not quick fixes. Sound operations are the bedrock of sustained growth. And that means balancing innovation with risk. Remember: If you’re not growing, you’re dying. 

Maximizing your impact by investing in your success.

As a business owner, it’s your job to think ‘lofty thoughts.’ So it’s our job to help you ground those ideas into sound practices. We listen deeply, ask plenty of “What if" questions, then suggest thoughtful options. Bottom line: We treat your business as seriously as you do.



Mix the right demographics, service offerings and pricing, and you have a recipe for gaining market share. When you expand the pie to include affiliate relationships, you can share the cost without sacrificing your secret sauce. Market strategy doesn’t have to be a grind. We can help.


Revenue forecasting is more than a guessing game. It should be a calculated strategy rooted in market reality and economics. We use sound financial principles to help you make key business decisions and unlock the doorway to sustained growth.


Your operations exist as the architectural framework supporting your business. When embedded in your corporate culture, they are the foundation for your processes and protocols. We’ll help you build an infrastructure that becomes the pillar for your long-term growth.


John Legieza, Chief Impact Officer

John is a ‘financial fundamentalist.’ 

At his core, he believes that businesses should be grounded in pragmatic finance and sound operations to achieve long-term, sustained growth. 

From his earliest career history, he has been trusted by executives to analyze and simplify complex issues that have generated $multi-million contracts. His approach is to identify the root cause of each challenge, question assumptions, and help executives make informed decisions that maximize their business impact.

Valued as “deeply thoughtful,” “trustworthy,” and “diligent,” John is a master problem solver and a trusted thought partner. And as a servant leader, his optimistic style allows him to speak truth with empathy.

John has served in both corporate and nonprofit sectors on a global scale. He earned his MBA from Pace University and his BA in Economics from Kings College.